About Rachana Agro Farm

The founder and president of Rachana Business Group Mr. R.J. Pathan ( Gov. Contractor) having 45 years of experience in construction of canal & dams, now entered in to the agriculture sector with the name Rachana Agro Tech, who's two son Mr. Majidkhan Pathan ( B.E. Civil ) & Mr. Juber Pathan ( MBA) helping in farm. Rachana Agro Farm is mainly concentrating in Organic Farming. Rachana Agro Farm is situated in Loni Devkar to the back water of ujani dam. The farm systematically irrigated Organic farm , Award winner Animals , many news articles published on Rachana Agro Farm that's why it is very popular Agro farm in area which includes Breeding of Khillar Cow, GIR Cow and Goat. various fruits like Mango, Custard Apple, Orange, Lemon , Coconut, sweet corn, papaya , water lemon most of them are mother plants. It is very popular in Pune, Mumbai & Solapur people for weekend's & "HURDA" party...!!

  • GIR Goshala

    At Rachana Agro Farm , It is shelter for GIR cow. Hundreds of cow ketp in dairy. They are feed with quality food. The milk is used for making DESHI GHEE which is distributed across the contry. The Deshi Ghee has demand in the market becuse it has more benifits as homeopathic treatment.

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  • Agro Tourism

    Rachana Agro Farm becaming tourist destination for holidays. The Farm is surounded by greenry, variety of plants, special khillar cow, and so on increases the buiety of farm. In varius sessions there you will get various food, Like Corn, Sweet Corn,etc. Most of the touries came for Hurda Party.

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Organic Fruits

Organic Fruits are one of the product of Rachana Agro Farm which produced by organic farming. While the standards differ worldwide, organic farming in general features cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

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